Original Josh White

The Josh White model was the first Ovation guitar that I ever saw in person.  The wonderment that I experienced at that first meeting has stayed with me ever since, even though it took me over 25 years to obtain the first Josh White of my own.  Josh was Ovations very first endorsee and this guitar bares all the features I've come to love - wide neck, 12 fret fingerboard, slotted headstock and deep shiny bowl. For the most part the Josh White shared the features of the Deluxe Balladeer including hand picked select spruce and inlaid floral rosette, although some very early ones had the same zig-zag rosette as the Classic.  The tuners on the Josh White are open gear with intricate etchings on the plates and simulated bone buttons.  Sadly Josh passed away in 1969 and the guitar that bore his name was discontinued (later re-introduced as the Folklore).  Shown below are two Josh White guitars, one from 1967 and the other from 1968.  Over the years I have owned 4 of these guitars, including one that was completely refurbished by the factory to new condition.  To this day the Josh White remains a staple of my collection.

Charlie Kaman with Josh White 1967

(photo courtesy of CWK2)


1967 Advertisement

Original Shiny Bowl Series

Std Balladeer, Deluxe Balladeer, Classical, Josh White, Balladeer 12-Str, Glen Campbell Deluxe, Glen Campbell 12-Str

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