Serial Number Registration

Below are the guitar serial numbers that have been registered with the Ovation Gallery website.

Click on the buttons below to access the serial number registration lists per specific model type.

Click HERE to add your Ovation or Adamas guitar to the serial number registration list.  Required information is your screen name or nickname, guitar model name, model number and serial number.

Registration list is limited to USA made Ovation guitars only.

Shiny Bowl Series:

Standard Balladeer, Deluxe Balladeer, 12-String Balladeer, Classical, Josh White, Glen Campbell Deluxe Balladeer, Glen Campbell Deluxe 12-String

Balladeer Series:

USA Balladeer, Artist Balladeer, Custom Balladeer, Balladeer Special, Balladeer LX, Balladeer 12-String, Pacemaker 12-String.

Legend Series:

USA Legend, Glen Campbell Artist, Legend LX, Custom Legend, Custom Legend LX, Al DiMeola, Academy, Ultra, Glen Campbell 12-String, Legend 12-String, Custom Legend 12-String, Matrix.

Adamas Series:

Original Slothead, OFC I and II, Slothead #47 Reissue, 40th and 50th  Anniversary, Adamas I, Adamas II, Wood Top Adamas, Adamas U681, NWT 2080, Premier 1680, 2008 Collector, Adamas Q, SMT, CVT, ME.

Elite Series:

USA Elite, Elite LX, Elite Special, Standard Elite, Custom Elite, Custom Elite LX, Elite 1537, Elite 12-String, Custom Elite 12-String, MOB, iDea Guitar, Ocean Acoustic, Pinnacle, Tangent, Elite Bass, Mandolin.

Wideneck Series:

USA Classical, Classic LX, Country Artist, Country Artist LX, Folklore, Folklore LX, FD14 Folklore Deluxe, 50th Anniversary Folklore.

Electric Storm Series:

Thunderhead, Tornado, Eclipse, Hurricane 12-String, Condor, Williwaw Bass, Typhoon Bass, Typhoon Fretless Bass

Solid Body Electric Series:

Breadwinner, Breadwinner Limited, Deacon, Deacon 12-String, Viper, Viper EA, Viper CV, Preacher, Preacher Deluxe, Preacher 12-String, Magnum Bass, Ultra GS, Ultra GP, UK II, Viper VXT Hybrid.

Annual Collectors Series:

1982 to 2010 Annual Collectors Edition Guitars and 1976 Patriot.

Limited Editions and Anniversary Models:

Ovation and Adamas Limited Editions and Anniversary Models.

Small Batch and Custom Builds:

One-off Protos, Small Batch Runs and Custom Shop Special Orders.

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