Adamas Slothead # 47 Reissue

In 1975-76 Ovation created the Adamas guitar.  This unique guitar featured a carbon fiber and birch sandwich top and the now-famous multiple soundholes located in the upper bouts adorned with exotic woods.  The first 33 pre-production versions of these guitars also featured a beautiful carved slotted headstock.  These extremely rare and historic guitars became known as simply the "Slotheads".  Without question these 33 Slotheads are the most sought after guitars by Ovation collectors.  To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Charlie Kaman's crowning achievement in the guitar industry, Ovation took on the monumental task of building 75 exact replicas of Adamas Slothead # 47.  Here's is Ovation's Press Release.  Slothead # 47 is Charlie's personal guitar which resides at the Ovation factory.  These 75 reissue guitars feature the same materials and same construction methods as the original.  I've had the honor of comparing the reissue to the original # 47 and I can attest that they are exact copies in every way.  Equal, if not better.  Shown below are photos of my own # 47 Reissue.  And this is not just any # 47 Reissue.  Lost Art Vintage Instruments was able to obtain for me s/n 47 of the # 47 Reissue series.  Additionally, the label has been hand signed to me by Bill Kaman himself.  This guitar is an absolute museum piece which I shall enjoy and cherish forever.  Click HERE for specifications.   






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