The Ovation Typhoon III semi-hollowbody electric bass, first introduced in 1968, is identical to the Typhoon II with the exception of the fretboard and inlays.  The Typhoon III is fretless.  Most fretless basses have a naked fingerboard with perhaps some side dots.  The Typhoon III is unique in that it has inlays at the fret positions.  At first glance it looks just like a normal fretted bass.  But on closer inspection you can see that the "frets" are actually inlays flush with the rosewood fingerboard.  The result is a smooth fretless bass fingerboard.   The wine-red finished Typhoon III pictured here is a 1969 model in new condition.  This finish brings out some wonderful figuring in the maple and spruce woods. The 2 pickups are controlled by a master volume control and two individual tone controls, with the normal 3-way selector switch (neck, both, bridge).  All hardware is high quality chromed with no signs of wear.  The Typhoon III was not manufactured in very large numbers and stands out as one of Ovations more unique members of the Electric Storm series.

Ovation Typhoon III Fretless Bass

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