1987 Collectors Series

Shown below is the beautiful 1987 Collectors Guitar.  Ovation had concentrated for several years on the new super-shallow bowl guitars but for 1987 made a return to their roots and designed a limited edition guitar with emphasis on acoustic sound.  The 1987 Collector is a deep bowl elite style guitar with AAA spruce top and quintad bracing.  The tone is simply stunning and goes down as one of the finest sounding guitars to be produced in New Hartford.  But the 1987 Collector is also quite a looker.  For the first time, Ovation applied the cosmetic touches of the Custom Legend to an Elite style guitar - abalone body trim, neck bound in abalone and carved walnut bridge.  The 1987 goes down as probably the most sought after of all the Ovation Collectors Series.

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Specifications …

The 1987 Collector (L) and its later brother the 1997 Book Elite (R) …

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