Is there one Thunderhead in the collection that I'm especially partial to?  Yes, and this is it.  A beautiful sunburst 1968 Deluxe model with immaculate gold hardware.  The sunburst finish spruce top is done wonderfully with great attention to the edge and f-hole binding.  The sides are dark and the same sunburst finish is on the lightly figured maple back.  There are no finish cracks or any other signs of age.  The electronics are the standard Thunderhead setup with twin DeArmond gold pickups, master volume, twin tone controls and a pickup blend control.  The 3-way toggle controls in and out of phase selection for the pickups.  The bridge has been retro-fit with a Gibson 6 piece.  Tuners have been replaced with factory originals and like all Thunderheads, the action is low and the neck is super fast.   All Thunderheads are not created equal, and for reasons I can't put into words, this one just has something special to it.  Click HERE for specifications.      






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