Ovation Breadwinner Solidbody Electric

The most recognizable of all the Ovation solidbody guitars is the Breadwinner (and Deacon).  This radically shaped guitar has been referred to as The Battle Axe or The Cleaver.  For it's day it was a truly unique idea that packed a lot of technical innovation.  Ultimately it was probably too far ahead of its time.  In addition to the obvious aesthetics of the solid Honduras mahogany body and 2 piece mahogany neck, the Breadwinner featured active electronics and great tri-point adjustable bridge/tailpiece.  Breadwinners existed in various matte and gloss textures in a wide array of solid colors including white, baby blue, tan and black with numerous matching and contrasting headstocks and pickguards.  You can see some of these examples (not my guitars) HERE .  The Deacon shared the same basic design as the Breadwinner, but featured a stained wood finish on the neck and body as well as diamond shaped fret markers and a bound bridge.  The Deacon was also available in a 12-string version.  My Breadwinner shown below is a custom painted body (I call it the Cheap Trick Breadwinner), and has also had the pickups changed to passive DiMazzio's.  Click HERE for specifications.   





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