Ovation First Generation Classical

Of the first 4 Ovation models introduced in 1966-67 was the Model # 3 Classical, pictured here.  The inlaid rosette was different than the Balladeer (chain link) or Deluxe Balladeer (floral).  The so-called "zig zag" rosette also appeared on the first Josh White model.  The Classical was Ovations first nylon string guitar and featured the traditional classical flat 2 inch wide fretboard attached at the 12th fret and a slotted headstock with engraved side tuners with scalloped buttons.  The bridge is a beautiful rolled design made of Brazilian rosewood.  The top is book-matched spruce with a 5-ply binding.  The roundback bowl is of course shiny finished.   Click HERE for specifications.

Pair of first generation Ovation Classicals (1968, 1967)


Brazilian rosewood bridge


Slotted headstock

Non floral rosette

Original shiny hand laid bowl

Bloomfield label


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