2006 Ovation Fans Gathering in Paris France
L to R:  Adamas 1 reissue, Adamas 2, Adamas slothead #47 reissue, Adamas 2 wideneck, 
Adamas slothead #47 reissue, Adamas 1, Adamas U681, Adamas 2, Adamas 2 cutaway reissue


Custom Folklore w/ Abalone Trim 2003 (Paul T.)

Tornado and Thunderhead electrics (Bob F.)

Custom 12 string Contour Bowl 2006  (MWoody)


Custom 1773 LX Classical with Abalone trim 2005 (Paul M.)


No it's not a guitar shop.  This is my friend Mike's office!

1976 Patriot Legend (Tony C.)

Mark play a John Lennon Legend Re-issue   

Custom Viper 2006  (MWoody)   

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