Handmade Thing-6 and Thing-12 (MWoody)

Custom Red Viper w/ wood pickguard (MWoody)


SoCal OFC Jam Session 2004
L to R:  Elite 1537, Tornado, Folklore Deluxe, Adamas II Slothead, Elite LX, UAE-20 Uke, Stealth Adamas, Custom Legend 12,
Adamas 12 fret Slothead, UA-10 Uke, Adamas SMT, Adamas cutaway 12, Adamas I, '68 Glen Campbell
Adamas GC nylon proto, Adamas 12 string, Custom Legend, Preacher 12 string

Paul plays Charlie's #47 Slothead

Beautifully restored '87 Collectors (Paul M.)


Custom D768-X Doubleneck (Aloha_Tim)


'87 Collectors 6 and 12 string (Mike W.)


Collection spanning from 1967 - 1997 (Bob F.)

Deluxe Balladeer, Balladeer, Legend (Paul M.)

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