Adamas W681-TA Export

Although Ovation stopped producing the original textured top Adamas and Adamas II for the US market in 1998, they continued to produce a limited number of textured top models for export.  The example shown below, which is a 2002 model that I acquired in 2006, is quite frankly one of THE best sounding acoustic Adamas guitars I have ever owned.  The model is W681-TA and it is acoustic only which no doubt has something to do with why it sounds so good.  Deep bowl, non-cutaway with ebony bridge, fingerboard and tuner buttons.  The top is a woven graphite finished in a Blueburst fade.  The outer blue is a special textured paint and the inner gray area is bare carbon fiber soundboard.  Hardware is gold Schaller and the saddle and nut have been upgraded to bone.  Click HERE for specifications.  

Ovation  Adamas W681-TA





Ebony tuner buttons


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