Adamas U681-TA Slothead

In 2003 Ovation built two new slothead prototypes which were the Adamas version of the wonderful FD-14 wood topped guitar.  The results were so stunning that for 2005, they offered a limited run of 100 copies of the Adamas U681.  The configuration of the U681 is 12 frets to the body, slotted headstock, wide 1-3/4 inch nut.  All the ingredients for incredible sound, which is exactly what this guitar produces.  The U681 literally outshines all other Adamas guitars I have ever played.  Without question it is THE finest composite topped guitar I have ever heard.  The standard configuration for this limited run is OPP pickup and OP-Pro preamp.  However, I wanted the cleanest possible pure acoustic sound, so I special ordered mine (shown below) as an acoustic only version.  In addition I upgraded to a gloss neck and headstock, and pearloid tuners.  This is an extremely rare guitar, only 100 copies, and a true shining star of what the Ovation/Adamas factory can turn out.  Click HERE for specifications.  






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