Adamas Slothead OFC Guitar #1

In 2007 the OFC Adamas Slothead guitar was commissioned by Lost Art Vintage Instruments for the Ovation Fan Club.  This guitar followed on the heels of the Adamas #47 Re-issue and was made available in a limited quantity of 12 guitars.  All aspects are identical to #47 with the exception of the included Stereo FET pickup and 2 knob preamp.  The majority of the original slotheads were of this configuration.  The top was finished in the popular -8 blueburst finish also copied from the originals.  A prototype OFC guitar was produced to check color matching and this guitar was designated as number 1 of 12.  I was fortunate enough to aquire this very special special guitar from Lost Art Vintage Instruments and share the photos below. Click HERE for specifications.   



Click HERE for complete specifications 

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