Ovation Legend 1117

In 1971 Ovation introduced the Legend.  For a 5-year old guitar company to name one of their products "Legend" took some guts, but 35 years later it's obvious they knew what they were doing.  The Legend is the direct descendent from the Glen Campbell Deluxe Balladeer.  The changes were the new textured bowl, lower peghead angle, add-on rosette and 3rd generation bridge.  The Legend feature a rich deep tone that Ovation would become "legend"ary for.  The particular guitar shown below was purchased new in 1972 and had been my main guitar for many, many years.  The spruce top had aged into a wonderful "honey" color.  Tone wise, this guitar would go head to head with the best out there and it was maintained in immaculate condition its entire life.   Click HERE for specifications.




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