Ovation Pacemaker 12-String

Introduced in 1971, the Ovation Pacemaker 12-String has long been a staple of the Ovation line.  Built on the same deep bowl design as the Balladeer series, the Pacemaker features a 1-7/8 width neck which attaches at the 12th fret.  One of the most distinctive features is the slotted headstock and side tuners.  The Pacemaker gained a reputation as one of the best sounding and easiest playing 12-string guitars on the market.  The model shown below features a walnut bridge, dot MOP inlays and the famous Ovation floral rosette.  The Pacemaker was available in acoustic only (model 1115 shown below) or acoustic electric (model 1615).  Click HERE for specifications.     

Note - My Pacemaker guitar was sold before I obtain a digital camera.  The photos below were taken from the internet of the same model number guitar as mine.   



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