The 2nd Official Un-Official CD of the Ovation Fan Club

What Is It ?

Follow-up to last years CD.  i.e. That's why it's called "Vol.2" in case that was too confusing for you. Basically the same groundrules - you record your stuff, send it to me, and I'll figure out a way to get it compiled, duplicated, and distributed to members of the OFC.  Think of it as a CD to show off our guitars and music.
What's New This Time Around?
You mean, other than being called "Vol.2"?  Well, it'll be out in time for the holidays.  Sooo, if any of you wanted to submit holiday tunes (we used to call them Christmas Songs), that would be kind of cool.  I'm already working on "Deck The Ukes".  But non-holiday songs are fine as well.  Basically, whatever you want to send.
What About Copyrights and All That Crap?
Yeah, well here's the rub.  Please try to submit original tunes that you are the owner of, along with a disclaimer that you authorize their use on this project.  Or send in Public Domain songs.  Almost all old stuff and christmas carols are Public Domain.  If you MUST submit a copyrighted cover tune I will file the necessary paperwork for you with ASCAP but I'll be sending YOU a bill for the fees.  If it turns into a hastle, I'll drop it and just go with the originals and public domain stuff, so please help me out here.
How Will I Purchase One?
Distribution details will follow later.  Similar to last year.  Maybe we can use the OFC Store
How Much Will It Cost?
Similar to last year.  Details will follow later.  First we have to record the damn thing!
When Will It Be Available?
In time for the Holidays.  Notice I didn't say WHICH holiday.
How Do I Get Myself On The CD?
Send a recording of yourself to me and I'll compile and mix everything and make the CD's.  Address below.
Recording should be on a CD in .wav format.  I'll do minor fix up but try to get the bugs out yourself.
Multiple songs are fine.  Hopefully we'll get enough submission that we can pick the best examples.  I'm the judge.
Include the following information:
Name of song, composer, performers, what instruments used, any interesting or unusual information
What Kind Of Songs Should I Submit?
What ever you like.  Instrumental, group, solo, pop, heavy, oldie, who cares.  No rap.  No banjos.
Given the time of the year maybe Holiday Tunes would be nice.  See information above about Copyrights.
Do I Have To Use An Ovation Guitar?
If you have a guitar that records better than an Ovation, then use it and lie.
What Should I Do If I'm Not A Very Good Musician?
Listen to last years CD.  Musicianship ranged from Holy Shit to Holy Shit.  Nobody cares.  Submit your songs and be part of the fun.  It's not a competition. 
Where Do I Send My Stuff?
David Witko  c/o  ASML,  8555 South River Parkway,  Tempe,  AZ   85284
I've Got Questions.
E-mail me.  Please do NOT e-mail your songs.  My mailbox will explode. 

This CD is not affiliated with the Ovation Fan Club, Ovation Instruments or Kaman Music Corporation. 
  Ovation Fan Club name and logo are used with permission of the owners.